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Cloprostenol sodium (equivalent to 250 µg/ml cloprostenol)

Juramate injection is licensed in horses :

  • for the induction of luteolysis following early foetal death and resorption
  • for the termination of persistent dioestrus
  • for the termination of pseudopregnancy
  • for the treatment of lactation anoestrus
  • for establishing oestrous cycles in barren or maiden mares
  • and as an aid to stud management


  • Quality synthetic prostaglandin injection
  • Wide range of indications

Did You Know?

Cloprostenol can be used to treat post breeding mares immediately following ovulation, without a negative impact on pregnancy outcome. As an ecbolic hormone it causes contraction of the uterus which helps to clear it of inflammatory debris. (J.P.N. Martins, C. Wright, N.D. Stewart, A. McCracken, E.E. Custer, J.C. Lamsa)

Available Pack Sizes

List No. Unit Case
1JUR002 20ml 10

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