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Convital Equilytes

Electrolytes containing: potassium, magnesium and calcium ions concentrated in an amino acid ‘chelate’ form to make them highly absorbable and rapidly bio-available.

Convital Equilytes are fast-acting, highly-absorbent electrolyte paste for horses; which are highly palatable due to their molasses base.

Convital Equilytes contain potassium, magnesium and calcium ions in an amino acid chelate form for the hard-working horse. Bio-available in minutes, Convital Equilytesare ideal to meet the demands of horses in training.

Convital Equilytes readily replaces electrolytes eliminated during exercise. For best results dosage should be split pre and post exercise.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals dissolved in the bloodstream which are integral to many important processes. The electrolytes contained in Convital Equilytes are calcium, potassium and magnesium which are the most important for a horse undertaking strenuous exercise.

Calcium is critical for transmitting nerve impulses leading to contraction of the muscles.
Potassium is vital for regulation of the heartbeat and muscle function.
Magnesium is required to maintain a steady heartbeat

What Happens When a Horse Works Hard?

Prolonged work will induce sweating which results in large quantities of these ions being lost, leading to fatigue, exhaustion and poor performance.

During maximum physical exertion your horse can produce 32 pounds of sweat. He’s not just losing water, he’s losing the electrolytes essential for smooth, efficient muscle function.

Every muscle used during movement produces heat and releases potassium into the bloodstream. As a result the veins and arteries expand to increase their maximum carrying capacity which helps take heat away from the muscles and deliver more oxygen to the working muscles.

As water is drawn out of the cells to produce sweat, the muscles operate with decreasing efficiency. The horse becomes weak and exhausted from the lack of potassium. The magnesium lost can result in fatigue and muscle cramps.

Calcium is also excreted in the horse’s sweat and this loss can result in metabolic imbalance known as ‘thumps’. This is where the diaphragm spasmodically contracts, synchronized with the heartbeat.

How Can Exhaustion Be Prevented?

To prevent dehydration, exhaustion and metabolic disorders, your horse needs water and electrolytes during and after physical stress and he needs them in the body tissues where they can act to keep his muscles performing at their peak.

The horse also needs glucose which is the only  carbohydrate that is used for energy and is the by-product of fructose metabolism. Glucose is stored in the form of muscle glycogen which is depleted as it is used for fuel by the working muscles.

How Can Convital Equilytes Help?

As a fast-acting electrolyte paste, Convital Equilytes are ideal for the hard-working horse. They contain calcium, potassium and magnesium, and rapidly replace the electrolytes eliminated through exercise. What’s more, their molasses base makes them highly palatable for the animal. Convital Equilytes are ideal to meet the demands of horses in training. For best results dosage should be split pre and post exercise.

Available Pack Sizes

List No. Unit Case
1EQU001 60g 12

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