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Bimotrim Co

200mg/ml Sulfadoxine / 40mg/ml Trimethoprim

Bimotrim Co Injection is active against wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms and may be used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases and conditions of bacterial origin in horses.

Diseases and Conditions include:

  • Respiratory infections of bacterial origin including pneumonia, rhinitis, bronchitis
  • Secondary bacterial infections following virus pneumonia mycoplasmal infections
  • Urogenital tract infections including cystitis, vaginitis, urethritis, nephritis and metritis
  • Alimentary tract infections including neonatal diarrhoea, salmonellosis and post-weaning enteritis

The in vitro activity covers most common gram-positive and gram negative bacteria including Actinobacillus spp., Actinomyces bovis, Bordetella spp., Corynebacterium spp., Klebsiella spp., Listeri monocytogenes, Nocardia spp., Pasteurella spp., Proteus spp., Salmonella spp., Staphylococcus spp., and Streptococcus spp. 


  • Synergistic combination of sulphadoxine and trimethoprim, for enhanced antibacterial activity
  • Active against gram-negative and gram-positive organisms
  • Wide species protection
  • Indicated for the treatment of a range of diseases
  • Short withdrawals 

Available Pack Sizes

List No. Unit Case
1BIM019 100ml 12

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